1. venera9:

    One thing I noticed about the Alien in Alien: Isolation is that while it looks nearly exactly like the original 1979 movie monster that Geiger designed, it’s legs are shaped like a dog’s hind legs rather than human legs.

    I may understand why that is - the alien would look much more…


  3. "There are 41 wars being fought around the world right now. Most of us are busy and we race through our weeks without paying a great deal of attention, but yesterday this week stopped, because one of those wars reached into the sky and grabbed 298 people who could have been any of us."
    — CBS’ Scott Pelley, commenting on our shared humanity, after the missile attack of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17   (via coyotegold)

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  5. A vertical forest is expected to be completed this year in Milan. There are two tower apartment complexes which contain a total of 400 residential units. The facade of the buildings will be covered with 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs, and 11,000 perennial plants. It is expected to have the same ecological impact as 10,000 square meters of forest.

    Aside from fighting smog and producing oxygen, the foliage is expected to provide insulation to the residential units.

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    Under the Milky Way

    If you are after clean fresh air and magical night skies, then Tasmania is the place for you!

    Tasmania has in fact been rated as having some of the world’s cleanest air. As soon as you set foot on the island you will be mesmerised by the beautiful fresh air.

    At night, star gazers and photographers are often spotted chasing the famous Aurora Australis or marvelling at the Milky Way, which shines brightly across the Tassie sky. 

    Go Behind The Scenery here.

    Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by Francois Fourie


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    we could be married with like 4 kids and i’d still be too scared to text you first

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    This broke my fucking heart

    This is why you don’t lie about having mental disorders. It is not a joke.

    I’m crying

    This broke my heart

    this is real ocd, not the people in school getting annoyed when their desk is messy.

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    why can’t periods just last for like an hour, like okay you’ve made your point, I’m not pregnant you can leave now

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